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Based in Richmond, Virginia WirelessGolf.net has created a way for golfers to play like the pros.  The founder, Troy Robinson, created the WirelessGolf.net initial concept in 1999, after discovering that his golf league was missing the ability to make the winning final 9 "run" because he didn't know the other golfers scores.  Being the Founder of Xplor Technologies, a Software Development Consultant Company (http://www.xplorind.com, an Xplor Industries, LLC. Company), Troy was very aware of the emerging Wireless technology that would allow golfers to connect to the internet while on the golf course and have a live leaderboard on a wireless device.

WirelessGolf.net has perfected the wireless Golf Scoring technology and can now deliver the record breaking ability to score with any internet based Cellular Phone and Tablet.  WirelessGolf.net would like every golfer to enjoy the ability to track their own golf game and to play like a pro with a live leaderboard in your golf leagues and tournaments.  Troy will personally guarantee your satisfaction in your use of the WirelessGolf.net system in your golf scoring, you can send an email directly to him below or you can send additional WirelessGolf.net contacts through the Contact page link below. 

Thank You for Selecting WirelessGolf.net, it has been a pleasure providing you and all golfers alike the ability to play like a pro with live wireless golf scoring.

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